Oval Cabochon with Pomegranate and Flat Leaf Necklace

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Necklace with 14x10mm oval cabochon, pomegranate piece and flat leaf. Necklace pendant is 3″.

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Plating/Cabouchon Color

Silver/ Sapphire, Silver/ Clear, Silver/ Tan, Silver/ Turquoise, Silver/ Amethyst, Silver/ Opal, Black/ Black Diamond, Black/ Amethyst, Black/ Hematite, Black/ Mint, Black/ Peach, Black/ Opal, Gold/ Opal, Gold/ Black Amethyst, Gold/ Rosewater, Gold/ Blue Cat eye, Copper/ Tan, Copper/ Aquamarine, Copper/ Clear, Copper/ Peach, Copper/ Black Diamond, Copper/ Sapphire AB