Necklace with 4 Crystals

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Necklace with adjustable chain from 17″ to 20″ and 2.25″ 4 crystal pendant.

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Plating/ Crystal Colors

Gold/ Green Opal-Vitrail-Tan, Gold/ Clear-Coral-Tan, Copper/ Green Opal-Dark Green AB-Chrysolite-Opal AB, Copper/ Black Diamond-Padparadscha-Teal, Black/ Aquamarine-Erinite-Teal-Green Tourmaline, Black/ Light Amethyst-Smoke Sapphire-Tanzanite-Amethyst Opal, Black/ Red AB-Coral-Padparadscha- Red, Copper/ Blue Opal-Amethyst AB-Black Diamond, Silver/ Chrysolite-Teal-Warm AB-Aquamarine, Gold/ Gold Metallic-Tan-Pink Opal-Tanzanite, Silver/ Vitrail-Rose Metallic-Opal-Violet