Vortex Necklace

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A mesmerizing vortex necklace adorned with shimmering crystals, creating a captivating dance of light and energy around the wearer’s neck, evoking a sense of celestial elegance and mystique.

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Metal Color/Crystal Color

Black/Red, Black/Black Diamond, Black/Purple AB, Black/Pink, Black/Tan, Black/Blue, Black/Clear, Silver/Clear, Silver/Peach, Silver/Black Diamond, Silver/Lavender, Silver/Blue, Silver/Red, Gold/Clear, Gold/Light Blue, Gold/Tan, Gold/Vitreal, Gold/Pink, Gold/Dark Blue, Gold/Pink Opal, Copper/Clear, Copper/Pink, Copper/Mint, Copper/Turquoise, Copper/Vitreal, Copper/Tan, Copper/Black Diamond, Gold/Lavender

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