Three Oval Cabochon Barrette


Three oval cabochon barrette. Available in many combinations. Special orders available. Check out the 3 pics of cabochons that we normally can get. Some may be harder to get than others. Call for details.

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Plating Tone/Cabochon(s)

Copper/Vivid Blue Opal-Topaz, Copper/Vivid Blue Opal-Blue Scarab, Gold/Blue Opal-Hematite, Black/White-Black Rose on White, Copper/Pink Opal-Hematite, Silver/Blue Opal-Emerald, Silver/Octopus on Blue-Pink Pearl, Black/Ivory Carved Floral-Lavender Opaque, Gold/Ivory Mermaid on Black-Black, Copper/Carved Floral-Blue Opal, Silver/Lavender Opal-Blue Opal, Gold/Lavender Opal-Ivory Mermaid on Black, Gold/Octopus on Blue-Frosted Clear, Gold/Vivid Blue Opal-Emerald, Gold/Pink Opal-Olive, Silver/White butterfly on Black-Silver Wire on Black, Black/Ivory Mermaid on Black-Montana Blue, Black/White Butterfly on Black-Aqua, Gold/Ivory Floral Arrangement-Gold, Silver/White Mermaid on Blue-Turquoise, Black/Ivory Mermaid on Black-Cut Flowers, Copper/Carved Ivory/Ivory Skull & Bones on Black