Barrettes with 3 Cabochons

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Plating/Cabochon Colors

Silver/Black Rose with Onyx, Silver/ Black Opal with Hematite, Silver/ White Butterfly on Black with Opal, Silver/ White Butterfly on Blue with Pearl, Silver/ Pink Opal with Hematite, Silver/ Pink Opal with Pink Cateye, Silver/ Onyx with Red Skull and Bones, Silver/ Mermaid with Hematite, Silver/ Carved Floral with Skull and Bones, Silver/ Octopus with Opal, Copper/ Pink Opal with Tan Glow, Copper/ Pink Opal with Pink Lady Skull, Copper/ Opal with Pink Skull and Bones, Copper Mermaid with Octopus on Black, Copper/ Horse with Carnelian, Copper Carved Floral with Skull and Bones, Copper/ Turquoise with Tan skull and Cross Bones, Gold/ Emerald with red, Gold/ Carved Floral on Black with Gold, Gold/ Black Rose with Black Cats on White, Black/ Olive Glow with Black Bat on White, Black/ Mermaid with Green Glow, Black/ Flowers on Black with Opal, Black/ Butterfly on Purple with Purple Glow, Black/ Pink Opal with Lavendar Skull and Bones, Black/ Octopus on Black with Gold, Black/ Red Glow with Red Rose on Black, Black/ Pink Opal with Opal

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